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Center for Parental Responsibility
P.O. Box 130776
Roseville, MN 55113
Voicemail: (651) 490-9277

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Web Streaming
CPR TV: Family Law Reform Network

All epidodes now available on web-streaming! (click for details)
Have you experienced a lack of justice in family court? Do you wonder why
there is a lack of confidence in the judiciary? These TV shows are educational
and provide an excellent summary of the problems created by the family law system
and solutions to those problems.

Schedule of CPR TV station and airtime details in your local area (click for details)

Order Form for ordering Tapes and DVDs of CPR TV Shows or Sunday Meetings

NEW RADIO SPOT: Family Court Destroys Families and Exploit Children

A 60-second radio spot has been produced specifically to expand awareness of the damaging effects
of family courts, and attract members, volunteers, and other supporters, in order to acceelerate our
progress and accomplish our family law reform projects.

Are you in MN? You can make a difference by contacting any radio station and email the link to this
to this radio spot. Some radio stations will charge to tun this ad. Other radio stations offer free
PSA's (public service announcements) for non-profit organizations. Contact CPR Founder Molly K Olson
at 651-490-9277 for details.

From another state? Family Law Reform Groups in other states are encouraged to use this radio spot.
We can replace the CPR contact information with your local family law reform group. Contact Family Law
Reform Network at 888-771-0013 for details.

Special thanks to Seeber Video and Film for the donation of volunteer time required to produce this spot.


Taken Into Custody, by Dr. Stephen Baskerville, a highly credentialed political scientist,
is the most comprehensive expose yet published by a major publishing house on the depredations of
the divorce industry. This is the first book from a major publisher that has been permitted to speak
the unvarnished truth about the divorce machinery: its voracious appetite for children, parents, and
families. The result is a major breakthrough in exposing the greatest civil rights abuse of our time
and the most repressive government machine (family law) ever created in the United States.

For examples of the kind of frothright prose you can expect in this book, see my 70+ articles in reputable
scholarly and current affairs publications on my website

Taken Into Custody: The Crisis of Fatherhood and Marriage, TABLE OF CONTENTS:
Judicial Kidnapping, Divorce and the Constitution, Deadbeat dads or Plundered Pops,
Fathers and Feminism, The Politics of Fatherhood, Ending the War.
Order book on


Project Mission:

To help remove the obstacles that prevent both parents from being fully and
equally involved in the lives of their children.


Weå Œooking to Support You if You Have Divorce/Paternity Issues With:

1)      Parenting Time

2)      Legal or Physical Custody

3)      Government Intrusion

4)      Excessive Child Support

5)      A Desire to Advocate for Family Law Reform


Watch CPR TV from 8:30 to 9:30 PM every Wednesday on Metro Cable Channel 6
Promote the show by P
rinting and Distributing Flyers



Your Steps Toward Involvement in CPR:

STEP 1: Complete Intake Form

STEP 2: Become a Member/Meet with a CPR Expert

STEP 3:FREE Monthly Meetings: William Mitchell College of Law (see "member Meetings" page for details)

STEP 4: Write Your Story

STEP 5: Volunteer Your Time and Talents to CPR

STEP 6: Meet with Your State County Commissioner/Legislators/US Congress

STEP 7: Financial Support

STEP 8: Help Build Grass Roots Public Awareness  

STEP 9: Walk With God

STEP 10: EDUCATE Yourself/Information is Power

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